Yield Strategy

   Deal length:  ∞
    Equity: $1.0M+
   Target leveraged annual return: 6%+
   Asset classes: Multi-family, hotel, office, retail, industrial


The Yield Strategy is catered toward investors with lower risk tolerance and who are seeking steady returns.  The majority of the returns are realized through regular dividends throughout the investment.  The investment length for this investment strategy is perpetual and targets to deliver annualized leveraged returns in excess of 6%. 

1. Acquire

quality investing

We look for opportunities to own well-located, cash flowing properties in markets that have a high barrier to entry and that are not in need of capital investment.

This will minimize the post-acquisition capital requirement and reduce the risk to cash flow risk of new supply.

2. diligence


We ensure that properties are positioned correctly within the market and that sales resources are deployed to reach the right audience – tenants or guests who will pay the most.  We also pursue ancillary revenue opportunities.

This maximizes the revenue.

We use a zero-based approach to each property’s cost structure to only spend what we need. We confirm that realty tax assessments are properly valued and that insurance policies are right for the properties.

This minimizes the operating costs.