Acquisitions and Dispositions


  • Strong relationships with Canada's leading multi-family and hotel lenders, brokers, appraisers, developers and ownership groups to conduct on and off market transactions
  • Extensive experience finalizing multi-family and hotel real estate specific Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Diversified asset classes experience to identify highest and best use of real estate


  • Experienced finding best fit investment opportunities depending on investment criteria of purchaser
  • Deep operational knowledge of all Canadian markets to identify hidden value during underwriting (e.g. market nuances, union contracts)
  • Thorough due-diligence program to mitigate investment risk


  • Operational knowledge to know when asset value has been maximized (or new supply risk is prevalent) and who target purchaser should be
  • Manage due-diligence deliveries with brokers

Financing and Corporate Structure

Debt Financing

  • Strong relationships with major Canadian lenders to place and re-finance debt
  • Negotiation of financing terms and review of loan documentation
  • Manage process with 3rd party consultants to meet loan due diligence requirements (appraisals, environmental reports and building condition assessments)
  • Regular monitoring of debt compliance testing and lender reporting

Cash Management

  • Review cash flow projections to ensure cash is optimized
  • Actively manage payables and receivables to terms

Corporate Accounting

  • Oversight of audit and year end processes
  • Full service accounting function to ensure timely and accurate financial statements

Tax and Corporate Structuring

  • Advice on tax efficient structuring and company setup

Asset Management

Operational Oversight

  • Approve annual operating budget and undertake regular performance reviews
  • Fixed cost control through negotiation of utility rates, fixed asset leases, insurance premiums and property tax appeals
  • Oversight of legal claims and lawsuits in cooperation with legal counsel
  • Execute ROI capital projects (e.g. labour control systems, inventory management systems, brand conversions, energy management systems, development infill)

Capital Expenditures

  • Development of annual capital budget and 5-year capital plans contemplating asset preservation and ROI projects
  • Strategic partnership with general contractors for cost efficient and quality controlled project execution
  • Validate project scope, review tenders, establish timelines and sign off on progress

Brand Relations/3rd Party Management

  • Negotiate license and management agreements; continually monitor for compliance and performance delivery
  • Negotiate scope of PIP renovations

Stakeholder Communications

  • Development of overall asset business plan
  • Ensure timely preparation and delivery of investment reporting to ownership


Operations Management

  • Development and oversight of property level management teams

Revenue Management

  • Price properties properly in competitive market to maximize overall profitability
  • Maximize delivery of all third-party reservation and leasing channels

Sales and Marketing

  • Ensure that properties is actively pursuing proper customers/tenants within the local market
  • Influencing hotels brand to direct corporate marketing funds to hotel’s target audience

Cost Control

  • Constant oversight of labour to ensure that productivity is maximized and Union contracts are challenged
  • Service contracts are reviewed regularly to validate competitive pricing


  • Ensure compliance to conditions set in place by brands, municipalities and other governing bodies

Stakeholder Communications

  • Recommend capital improvements, develop annual operating budget and prepare rolling performance forecasts
  • Ensure timely preparation and delivery of market and operational reporting to ownership/asset management